DURAMAX-175 Weight test

Several tests has been done to ensure the quality and performance of our product. The results are convincing.

Weight test

The test consisted of attaching 3 DURAMAX-175 brackets in a standard gutter. An Olympic bar has been inserted and the maximum weight possible has been installed.

525 pounds on 3 DURAMAX-175 Brackets

The bar filled, the result is very impressive: 525 pounds on 3 brackets only. This result reported by bracket, we speak of a capacity of 175 pounds.

The design of the DURAMAX-175 inspires robustness. Tests demonstrates that it is up to the demands of anyone who wants to install a high-quality system on their home.

Waterproofness test

This second test was used using a gutter with different brackets, including the DURAMAX-175. This gutter was then filled with water.

Gutter filled with water. The DURAMAX-175 brackets in the foreground, the hooks painted in blue are one of the most popular bracket on the market.

48 hours later, the gutter was reinstalled a few inches lower to see if water had pass behind the brackets.

Left, traces of water left by the popular competitors brackets. On the right, DURAMAX-175 brackets: no trace of water.

The neoprene washer and the collar of the # 12 DURAMAX-175 screw ensure a remarkable seal. No drop of water penetrated the back of it, despite the fact that they were submerged.

In opposition, popular competitor brackets have demonstrated their weakness at this level. On a property, these infiltrations of water eventually result in rotten facia.

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