Duramax-175 Load and Leak Test

Our team has carried out numerous tests to ensure that our product meets high quality and performance standards. The results are convincing.

Load test

This test consisted of attaching three DURAMAX-175 brackets onto a standard-thickness (0.027”) aluminum gutter. An Olympic bar was then placed into the gutter to reach the maximum possible weight, with 525 pounds distributed over the three DURAMAX-175 brackets.

With the bar installed, the results were impressive: 525 pounds supported by just three brackets. Per bracket, the capacity proved to be 175 pounds.

The design of the DURAMAX-175 embodies sturdiness and clearly demonstrates that it meets the requirements of anyone looking to install a high-quality system on their home.

Leak test

This second important test was carried out using different brackets to install a gutter, including the DURAMAX-175. The gutter was then filled with water.

On the left, we see the signs of water left by a major competitor’s brackets. On the right, the DURAMAX-175 brackets: no trace of water.

The neoprene membrane and the collar on the DURAMAX-175’s #12 screw ensure a remarkable seal. No drop of water penetrated behind the binding, despite the fact that they were submerged.

In contrast, this test revealed a major waterproofing flaw in a popular competitor’s bracket. This type of water infiltration eventually results in rot on home’s façade.