Discover the strongest gutter mount bracket on the market


The DURAMAX-175 gutter bracket is made using premium aluminum alloy. Its perfectly squared shape, extra-wide head and multi-ply structure make it a truly failsafe gutter mount bracket. Thanks to a screw that’s protected by a neoprene washer, the binding is 100% waterproof. The DURAMAX-175 gutter bracket: Designed BY eavestrough installers, FOR eavestrough installers!

A gutter mount bracket that can support up to 175 pounds

100% waterproof and proudly made in Canada!

Product Features

Discover the advantages of the DURAMAX-175 design

The strongest on
the market

The bracket’s square shape allows for an optimal distribution of the load towards its base. This makes the gutter mount extremely strong and significantly reduces the pressure exerted on the bracket’s screw.

100% waterproof

The DURAMAX-175 is equipped with a screw protected by a neoprene washer that waterproofs the gutter binding on the building, and a collar that leaves no chance for water to penetrate.

Optimal grip

The bracket’s 16GA multi-ply aluminum structure combined with a large head design ensure optimal grip with the gutter and increased resistance to ice and snow.
Duramax 175 Watertight

Product Specifications and Comparison Chart

30 year warranty

The only gutter bracket guaranteed for 30 years directly by the manufacturer